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How The Pandemic Changed Us!

The pandemic has had a profound impact on our lives, it has triggered deep emotions, fears of an uncertain future, fears around the potential health implications, fear to meet, greet and interact in a way that seemed so normal only 6 months ago. Many are working from home, many are still in work, many are […]

The Unified Patent Court… what next?

Chris Excell, Head of IP & Patents Dovetailing with a previous article on the EUIPO (and its choice of location) it is only right to comment on the “other side” of the Intellectual Property world; Patents, and the Unified Patent Court. A brief history on this, The Unified Patent Court agreement was signed on 19 […]

The EUIPO- its significance and Alicante?

Chris Excell, Head of IP & Patents writing on the EUIPO. The surreal time we are in promotes both a chance to reflect and refocus on matters that are important to us. As such, I wanted to share a few thoughts on the EUIPO and how it has got to be so significant in the […]


Global conglomerates, tech giants and now nations are implementing block chain technology for a variety of reasons. Improved transparency leading to gains in trust is an overriding benefit of implementing the blockchain, which offers the potential to re-define some of the user’s key business relationships. Removing the paper trail and gravitating towards a safer, faster, […]

Fides Search – on how to build trust in a search process

  Ed Parker Talks about ‘How to Build Trust in a Search Process’. He shares his thoughts on our LinkedIn page. Please click the link to watch the segment in full How to Build Trust in a Search process In this piece Ed Parker talks about: How to select your search partner, The role your search partner will play […]

Fixing the Lawyer Mental Health Crisis: In conversation with Moult Coppin

To celebrate World Mental Health Day this Thursday 10th October, we publish a conversation with Jonathan Moult and Jonathan Coppin of Moult Coppin. Both former City lawyers who have retrained in psychology and psychotherapy, they offer us their insights about how best to address the mental health crisis in law. “We established Moult & Coppin […]

The silence is deafening: India’s Awakening

We are surprised not to have seen more of the news arising from India recently in our legal press. Although this lack of interest may be understandable, due to the number of ‘false dawns’ of the liberalisation of the Indian legal market, if news from India is to be believed (and our sources on the […]

GUEST BLOG: Lawyers and Mental Health Problems – are too many heads in the sand?

This week we feature a blog by guest commentator Richard Martin, head of mental health awareness training at Byrne Dean. Following a 20 year employment law career, Richard discusses the mental health risks associated with the sector, and how this can be better understood and addressed by individuals and firms. Please share to further the […]

Being Bold for Change: The clients tackling gender inequality

With International Women’s Day celebrated across the globe on Wednesday, the legal press has been awash with articles, interviews and opinion pieces about how gender equality can be increased in law. The majority of these profiled the women who had made it to the top, as practice area leaders or managing partners, but did not […]

Career Progression within Law Firms

Law firms traditionally operated a simple quid pro quo dynamic whereby young lawyers were expected to devote years of their professional life in exchange for the estimable carrot of partnership. Trainees joined prestigious firms following a rigorous selection process which conditioned their mind-set from the very beginning – “I am and will continue to be […]