Existing technology in the IP world: A help or hindrance?

After speaking with a number of IP practitioners within both industry and private practice about using existing technology, we thought it would be useful to report on the state of platforms used. Are the tools at their disposal are good enough, or what, if anything, can be improved to make the overall experience better for […]


It is fair to say that the UK legal establishment has been ‘blindsided’ by the announcement by the Irish Law Society. Overseas solicitors will not be entitled to Irish Practicing certificates unless they have a physical presence in Ireland from the 1st of January. What do you need to know: Practising certificates – Solicitors outside […]

An interview with Sarah Pritchard, Director, National Economic Crime Centre

Sarah Pritchard Director National Economic Crime Centre (NECC) at the National Crime Agency (NCA) invited us in to talk about Fraud. In what has been an unprecedented year for law enforcement we wanted to understand how the NECC had risen to the challenge of Covid-19. Sarah has an MA in History from Cambridge, she worked […]

How The Pandemic Changed Us!

The pandemic has had a profound impact on our lives, it has triggered deep emotions, fears of an uncertain future, fears around the potential health implications, fear to meet, greet and interact in a way that seemed so normal only 6 months ago. Many are working from home, many are still in work, many are […]

The Unified Patent Court… what next?

Chris Excell, Head of IP & Patents Dovetailing with a previous article on the EUIPO (and its choice of location) it is only right to comment on the “other side” of the Intellectual Property world; Patents, and the Unified Patent Court. A brief history on this, The Unified Patent Court agreement was signed on 19 […]

The EUIPO- its significance and Alicante?

Chris Excell, Head of IP & Patents writing on the EUIPO. The surreal time we are in promotes both a chance to reflect and refocus on matters that are important to us. As such, I wanted to share a few thoughts on the EUIPO and how it has got to be so significant in the […]


Global conglomerates, tech giants and now nations are implementing block chain technology for a variety of reasons. Improved transparency leading to gains in trust is an overriding benefit of implementing the blockchain, which offers the potential to re-define some of the user’s key business relationships. Removing the paper trail and gravitating towards a safer, faster, […]

Data Transfers – the Void

Data companies are having to re-asses their operations following the decision by the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) which has ruled the privacy shield framework as invalid. Standard Contractual Clauses (SCC’s) are still adequate, however questions remain over the longer-term implications. Now that we as individuals and companies are more than even […]